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Despatch Manager - Late Shift

  • Location: Bradford
  • Industry: Consumables
  • Date Posted: 04 May 2022
  • Vacancy Type: Permanent
  • Reference: CC0050
Job Description

Despatch Operations Manager: 13:30 – 21:30

  • To effectively and efficiently manage the Outbound Operation of the warehouse, ensuring all staff members are adhering to the correct best working practices and procedures.
  • To ensure you are constantly monitoring and improving operational accuracy and minimising stock liabilities.
  • To ensure you are monitoring and improving picking accuracy by implementing operational processes.
  • To ensure there is a robust inspection on high value/volume items.
  • To ensure the health and safety provision is being followed by all staff members and third parties and managed effectively throughout the operation. 
  • Manage Site security between the hours of 1.30pm and 9.30pm ensuring we have clear Pilferage control mechanisms in place.
  • To play an integral part towards improving departmental workflow processes, encouraging teamwork and best practice.

Operations & Quality

  • Ensure the key daily processes for 3 outbound departments are being managed and reviewed effectively.
  • Ensure all operational liabilities are minimised to minimise cost to the business highlighting any concerns
  • Ensure the our Despatch operation fulfils all KPI’s and meets the OTIF target.
  • Manage the staff provision according to order flow need and ensure all unnecessary costs are minimised.
  • Provide monthly reporting on all key aspects and KPI’s by WD5.
  • Manage and review orders on the WMS
  • Ensure Standard Operating procedures are followed at all times

Security and Risk Provision

  • Ensuring adequate check systems are in place for high value orders or product lines such as Ink Cartridges.
  • Ensure Standard Operating Procedures are in place for all key processes and that they are understood and followed by all staff members.
  • Ensure procedures are followed at all times and site management responsibilities are understood by all.
  • Coordinate and review the administration and paper trail processes of the inbound operation and ensure we have traceability for our historic stock movements.

Staff provisions

  • Lead the operations by example and ensure set objectives, targets and KPI’s are being achieved and reviewed on a regular basis with the management team.
  • Ensure all staff are cross trained and versatile and ready to assist other parts of the operation where necessary.
  • Manage headcount and staff resources effectively and in line with budget or business expectations and minimise additional costs to the business from external agencies.
  • Manage all other staff requirements effectively such as PPE, holiday requirements and other periods of leave which impact our workflow.
  • Ensure staff reviews and appraisals are carried out regularly and all documentation and minutes are kept on file.
  • Ensure the process for paying operational bonuses is robust and relevant to KPI’s achievement.

Health and Safety

Establish, manage and monitor standards, processes, communications, training and systems to:

  • Ensure all Health and Safety procedures are followed and bring any issues to the attention of management.
  • Monitor the performance and health of our warehouse automation and MHE and inform the relevant people to take corrective and remedial actions where required.
  • Management of third party contractors on site, particularly in DC. Driving H&S and UFP procedures whilst carrying out duties on the UFP site.
  • Ensure all fire regulations and measures are understood and followed by all members of the DC.
  • Proper and timely assessment of risks to health and safety, and implementation of measures and arrangements identified as necessary from the assessments.
  • Provision of emergency procedures, first-aid facilities, safety signs, relevant protective clothing and equipment, and incident reporting to the relevant authorities.
  • Liaison as necessary with other organizations and relevant authorities, and assistance and cooperation concerning audits and remedial actions.

Other Duties

  • Have 24/7 call out responsibility for the site in terms of site security, alarm call outs and loading of our shipments during the night. 

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